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Instructors: Jesse Atlas and Aaron Wolfe

Our short films have played Sundance, Tribeca, LA Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, Urbanworld, and countless more! We’ve been shortlisted for an Academy Award, we sold our short “Record/Play” as a feature adaptation to Focus Features, and we just sold an original short-form digital series to a major studio. (We really want to tell you about that, but we can’t just yet!)

In addition to our own success, we’ve seen hundreds of shorts... some that launch careers and resonate with audiences, yet many that crash and burn. And here’s what we can tell you:

It’s not about what camera you use. It’s not about how many visual effects you can afford. It’s not about that amazing steadicam shot. Sure, those things are nice... but really it’s about STORY. It’s about making SPECIFIC STORYTELLING CHOICES for your film that reflect who you are as a storyteller/director/writer and what you want from your career.

Today, there’s plenty of filmmaking courses for you to choose from, but this workshop focuses specifically on the craft of short-form storytelling — the countless techniques that we’ve mastered that short-form content creators are simply not thinking about.

In this one day weekend workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Craft a powerful, resonant story in ten minutes or less.
  • Define your director/writer voice as it relates to your current project.
  • Create strategy for expanding your short into a feature or series, including pitching techniques.
  • Explore case studies of successful short-form to long-form crossovers.
  • Receive one-on-one feedback from instructors on your pitch, treatment, or script.
  • Engage in sustainable creative practices to grow both your content and business networks.

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